iconOnline Booking

The online booking system accept a maximum of four passengers (including babies under the age of 3) per order and require the same route and departure date (including return date) of the voyage.

Ticketing Information

Booking Opening Hours

Passengers can reserve the cruise within 28 days (including the day of boarding) to 2 hours before the departure time.

In case of holidays or special events, the opening hours will be according to the announcement of TAIWHA.

If you need to transport a special vehicle, please visit the ticket counter to purchase tickets.

Ticket Type and Quantity

Our ticket types include regular tickets, child tickets, senior person tickets, disabled tickets, disabled companion tickets, baby tickets and Penghu resident tickets.

The online booking system accepts a maximum of four passengers (including children) per booking. If there are more than four passengers, please make multiple bookings.

Cabin Type

The online booking system provide the cabins below for the passengers.

  • VIP cabin(Each room can accommodate up to two passengers.)

  • Special cabin

  • First cabin

  • Bedroom cabin

  • Bed Seat cabin

  • Seat(B1、B2、B3)

Passengers who purchase round-trip tickets or round-trip unreserved tickets must purchase the same cabin for your trips.

Purchase Methods

Online booking system

Manual ticket counter at the venue.

Payment Information

Payment term

If the reservation is for a trip that departs 2 days after the reservation date (inclusive), payment should be completed within 2 days (48 hours) of the reservation date, after which the order will be automatically cancelled.

If the reservation is for a trip that departs within 2 days from the reservation date (inclusive), payment should be completed immediately.

Payment Methods

If passengers purchase tickets through the Internet, please pay online within the payment deadline; you may also pay on site at the TAI WHA ticket counter within the payment deadline. If payment is not made within the deadline, the system will automatically cancel the reservation.

If you purchase tickets on site, cash, credit card, or National Travel Card. can make the payment.

Ticket Collection Information

Passengers can collect tickets through the ticket counter and the on-site Kiosk Machine (Note: Kiosk Machine only available for passengers with full regular ticket orders).

Passengers should bring the booking code and identification documents of the purchaser for ticket collection.

All cabins in TAIWHA are reserved. Passengers must bring the identification document to apply for the seat, which is for personal use only and cannot be transferred to others.

For those who reserve a child ticket, senior person ticket, disabled ticket, disables companion ticket, baby ticket and Penghu resident ticket in the booking, please provide the identification documents (e.g. ID card, physical and mental disability certificate) for the staff to verify their identity when collecting the ticket.

Please pay attention to the departure time and complete the ticket pickup process in advance. If passengers are unable to take the cruise due to late pickup, no refund will be accepted.

Tickets are valid only for that day’s voyage, so please enter the boarding office early to complete the relevant procedures and board the ship according to the voyage and cabin listed on the ticket.

Cancellation / Refund

If the tickets have not been picked up, the purchaser can cancel the booking at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time by using the booking code and identity information in the online booking system or at the ticket counter of TAIHWA.

If the tickets have been picked up, the purchaser can cancel the booking at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time by using the tickets and identity information at the ticket counter of TAIHWA.

The online booking system only offers cancellation of full orders.

The handling fee for cancellation / refund is 10% of the entire order amount.

If the booking is cancelled due to weather or force majeure factors, the handling fee will be waived.

Tickets that are affected by the change or cancellation of scheduled voyages, they can apply for refund within 30 days from the board date of the ticket without handling fee; they can also choose to change the voyage within 90 days from the scheduled departure date.

For the round-trip unreserved ticket purchasers: No individual refunds will be offered for the outbound trip.

For round-trip unreserved tickets purchasers: return / inbound tickets must be reserved for within 3 months (from the purchase date). Passengers can cancel the reserved inbound ticket within 30 days after ticket collection.